Emma, Dana, Castle, Heather

Sep 2, 2014

Beckett knows what she wants

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Sep 2, 2014


Orphan Black Characters (Moments of season 2)

This is part 1, to see part 2 click here

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Sep 2, 2014


forcing a friend to watch a tv show


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Sep 2, 2014

Get To Know: Marg Helgenberger (insp.)

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Sep 2, 2014


Get to know: Meryl Streep [insp.]

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Sep 1, 2014

The queen herself giving us peasants the time of day

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Sep 1, 2014

Sep 1, 2014

From Sense and Sensibility, Emma Thompson became my mentor. I don’t think I even realised it at the time but still now I thank her and we’ve always remained close. Can you imagine how grateful I am to have had that so young? I could have turned into a right little shit, especially after Titanic, if I hadn’t been shown by her on the set of Sensibility the way to behave. Even though my family is solid and would have never allowed me to become that way, I was so lucky that she was there as an example to me." Kate Winslet.

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Sep 1, 2014

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Sep 1, 2014



Bucky getting excited about technology (and pissing off the Starks) 1943-2014.


Sep 1, 2014


Emma Thompson & Alan Rickman

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Aug 31, 2014


I just found what may be the best description of Orphan Black, season one: “Sarah hopes that cleaning out a dead woman’s bank account will solve all of her problems. Instead, her problems multiply - and so does she.

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Aug 31, 2014

Aug 31, 2014

I want to see something, Reblog if you’re older than 13 and younger than 25.

Aug 31, 2014


The OITNB fandom waiting for season 3

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